wanderlusity asked: Hi! I saw in the tag that you go to Columbia? It's probably my number one school on my list right now so I decided to go to tumblr and find cool people that go there! You seem really nice and i would loveeee if I could talk to you about your experience there?

Hi! I sure do! I will say that I absolutely LOVE Columbia and would never want to go anywhere else, but I do know some people who just don’t like it. You definitely have to work hard, but it is totally worth it. Let me know exactly what you’re curious about and I’ll do my best to fill you in!

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Turns out I make super hilarious faces when I run. Hahahaha

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"Put this on tinder." - ameliaritter

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Tourism. (at Skydeck Chicago)

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A couple brought their own supplies and made mimosas on the Metra. Incredible.

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Absolutely beautiful, dark, funny, and heartbreaking performance of This is Our Youth by Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, and Tavi Gevinson. (at Steppenwolf Theatre Company)

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Downloaded tinder for giggles and it was so worth it. Holy wow hahahahhaa

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Hen & Chicks

This also known as a “Purple Beauty” has appropriately, dark purple leaves tinged with green centres depending on how much sun it gets. These guys are extremely easy to propagate - I’ve already pulled out a lot of “chicks” because this was getting so incredibly crowded.


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Anonymous asked: How many times have you seen Dodgeball?

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Video: Chris Pratt French Braids Intern’s Hair During ‘ET’ Interview

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*rides off into the sunset on your dad*

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