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waiting for breakfast and sunnier days by Intrepidation on Flickr.

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I just want to be living in Seattle already.

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Seattle, Washington on Flickr.

I miss Seattle.

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Seattle, Washington, USA

I miss Seattle crazy amounts.

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Going through photos on my iPhoto (because that is what I do on Saturday nights. Lay in bed on my computer.) I found this photo from Seattle this past Summer.

The ring closest to the bottle is one that I got at a flea market in Port Angeles the day after my Grandpa’s memorial service. It is a solid, thin silver ring with silver that looks like a rope twisted around it. It has a very nautical feel to it, which made me think of my Grandpa becase his ashes were spread in a marina behind his house in Sequim. I’ve worn that ring (along with all of the other rings in the picture. 5 total.) every single day since then and only ever take off my rings to sleep, shower, or workout.

Last week I lost that ring at the gym and everything has felt off since. The one thing in my life that was consistant and completely controllable by me is now all wrong. Such a horrible feeling.

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Chilly Dog, a pit bull, was found frozen in a snow bank with no vital signs five years ago when he was a puppy. A veterinarian was able to revive him, but he suffered brain damage. Chilly Dog is a special-needs canine, and he has been missing since Wednesday.

Have you seen this dog?

Owners Kathy and Tom Soul of White Hall, MD are frantic.

The Souls have been rescuing and rehabilitating pit bulls for a long time, and they didn’t turn away from fostering Chilly Dog (Chilly for short).

Chilly’s strange behaviors resulting from brain damage didn’t faze the Souls, but his quirks did make it difficult to place him in a forever home.

“We found him a home, but his special needs made it impossible for the family to deal with him,” Kathy said. “He has odd behaviors, like drinking huge amounts of water and urinating huge amounts of urine. He pees in his crate every day even though he’s potty trained and knows how to go outside. He spins to the right when he’s anxious. He never goes left. It took him two years before he would let me pet him. He’s afraid of being touched.”

So the Souls kept him, and loved him. Chilly is now about 6 years old.

“Sometimes we end up keeping the un-adoptables like Chilly, because we know we’re the only people who can deal with them,” Kathy said.

But a few days ago, Chilly vanished on the Northern Central Railroad Trail on Weisburg and White Hall roads, in Baltimore County. The Souls not only put up signs all over the area, they also employed a tracking dog to try to follow Chilly’s scent. The tracking dog followed the scent from the Souls’ property, to their next-door neighbor’s property, to the White Hall post office and then north on the trail.

That’s where the scent trail ended.

“We’re thinking since there haven’t been any sightings, and the tracking dog lost his scent on Weisburg Road, someone may have taken him by car,” Kathy said. “Our hope is that after spending a few days with him, they’ll realize he’s too difficult to handle and they’ll drop him off at a shelter.”

The trail gets heavy use from hikers, joggers, bicyclists and even horseback riders from all over the county. The trail, recently renamed the Torrey C. Brown Trail, “extends 20 miles, stretching from Ashland Road in the Hunt Valley area to the state line,” according to the Department of Natural Resources website.

And it’s popular.

Chilly could have been taken by someone well-meaning from any nearby area—Lutherville-Timonium, Pikesville, Hunt Valley, Towson and even Baltimore City. The animal shelters and veterinarians in all these areas have been notified about Chilly, as have vets and shelters up into Harford County and Pennsylvania.

“We’re both walking around like zombies,” Kathy said. “It’s a terrible feeling, not knowing. He’s a special-needs kid and we need him home.”

After the hurricane, the signs for Chilly all came down, and the Souls went right out and put more up. It wasn’t an easy storm to weather for the Souls—Chilly is scared of the rain.

“Chilly is terrified of thunderstorms and bad weather,” Kathy said. “Rain makes him panic. We’re absolutely sick about it. We haven’t slept since he went missing.”

Chilly is a neutered, microchipped pit bull, on the small, stocky side. He is white with gray spots (see photo). His right ear goes up, and his left goes down. He has on a blue collar with an ID tag. He’s always anxious, obsessed with food and water, and barks at shadows.

“He will come if you shake a bowl of food or squeak a toy,” said Kathy. “He’s gentle, harmless and afraid. He’s just an odd little fellow and we want him to come home safely.”

Kathy and Tom can be reached at 410-905-5603 or 410-357-8389.


BALTIMORE FRIENDS, REBLOG. keep an eye out for this gorgeous pup and help get him back home.

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Lake Crescent, Washington on Flickr.

Take me back.

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Seattle, Washington by Hannah Shanker on Flickr.

Missing Seattle a lot right now.

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John Wayne Marina in Sequim, Washington.

Grandpa’s favorite place. Where we held his memorial and spread his ashes on Saturday.

I miss you, Grandpa Jack. 

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Washington could not be more beautiful. 

Crescent Lake. The last time I was here, I fell off of the dock into the coldest water I’ve ever felt. This time I stayed away from the edges and kayaked in jeans. 

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